Church History

Zion Tabernacle House of God Muskegon

The history of Zion Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church is one rich with legacies and precious memories. It dates back to the beginning of March 23, 1958, when a group of members rented a small two room kitchenette on Riordan Steet in Muskegon Heights, MI. At this time, the leadership was Mother Wilks who began a work of ministry in her home.

In April of 1958, Bishop Willie Lee of Indianapolis, Indiana came to Pastor us and at that time the name of our church was Zion Tabernacle. We then relocated the church to Hackley Avenue and Howden Street. On July 1, 1958, we started a building fund and were blessed to purchase a building located at Fifth Street and Hackley Avenue.

The founding church Mother; Mother Wilks was called home on May 4, 1968 and by then Bishop Lee had relocated to Indianapolis. During this time, we received the contract to our church home and had the dedication ceremony.

In January 1969, Bishop Willie J. Duncan Sr. came to us as our Pastor. Under his Pastorate, we had the burning of the church mortgage. In 1975, we purchased our present building at 1282 Fourth Street.

The name of Zion has changed to Revival Tabernacle (Under the Leadership of Bishop Willie J. Duncan Sr.) and back to Zion Tabernacle (Under the Leadership of Bishop Sanders) over the years.

Zion Tabernacle

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