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Bishop Willie J Duncan Sr. Biography

Bishop Willie J. Duncan, Sr. D. D. was the Pastor of Zion Tabernacle from 1969 until 1985.

Bishop Willie J. Duncan started his study of the Bible at the early age of 11. Carrying his Bible everywhere he went; he had an insatiable desire to study and understand the book of books, The Holy Bible. At age 12, he began to spend many hours in prayer. Bishop Duncan is widely read and has acquired a comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the scriptures and related historical facts. He is known by some as a “Walking Biblical Encyclopedia.” He has been blessed with an extensive home library. His innate desire to search out the truth and rightly divide the word of God, enables him to stand in defense of the Gospel of Christ among the most noted Theologians and Bible Scholars.

Dr. Duncan was called into the ministry in August 1959, at the age of 19, while attending St. John Baptist Church in Marked Tree, Arkansas. He was ordained for the ministry while attending Pilgrim Baptist Church on August 25, 1961.

In 1968, after having successfully passed all of the prescribed tests, he was again ordained at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Indianapolis, Indiana under the leadership of the late Bishop Willie Lee. It was shortly after this ordination under Bishop Lee that Bishop Duncan came to Muskegon to Pastor Zion Tabernacle. It was under the leadership of Bishop Duncan that Zion was renamed "Revival Tabernacle."

In 1978, he founded and organized the Muskegon Bible Institute. In 1981, he enrolled into the London College of Applied Sciences and the Northwest London University of Science and Arts, London, England. Receiving special recognition for his Dissertation on the Godhead, he received his Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.) on April 21, 1982.

Bishop Willie J. Duncan, Sr., D.D., is married to Sister Zeola Duncan and is the proud father of fifteen lovely children. He served as the Pastor of Zion Tabernacle for 16 years, before relocating to Indianapolis, Indiana.